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Online reviews site got hit with their second “extortion” lawsuit today.  The suit, claiming Yelp removed positive reviews from D’Ames Day Spa’s page, was the second of its kind filed against the compan in the past week. 

Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman explicitly denies the claims, and wrote a blog post in response to the suit titled “Different Day, Different Lawyer, Same Meritless Claim: The Classic Race to the Courthouse.”

These copycat suits get filed in what is known as a “race to the courthouse,” where lawyers jockey to be named the lead lawyer of the case and take the biggest share of legal fees, beign among the first to file a suit increases the chance of being put in charge of the case.

The suit claims that Yelp removed 13 or 14 positive removes about the Day Spa.  Stoppelman writes that the Spa has admitted that it solicited the reviews in question, white the site has repeatedly instructed businesses not to do. 

Read the Complaint via Scribd: LePausky v. Yelp


Written by realdealccr

March 5, 2010 at 8:09 pm